Hosta 'Spartacus'

Spartacus 17" T X 36" W



Cold Hardiness: U.S.D.A. Zones 3 to 9 - Hostas require a minimum of 40 days of around 40 degrees fahrenheit. Hosta plants tend to grow larger in the North. In the South you may need to be more selective in the varieties of hostas that you choose.
Light Requirements: Partial sun, filtered shade, morning sun. - Most hostas will tolerate some sun if the soil is kept reasonably moist. Morning sun or filtered sun is the best for hostas but avoid midday sun as it will burn the leaves.
Water Requirements: Keep soil constantly moist avoiding any areas where water may puddle.
Fertilizer Requirements: In early Spring apply a light amount of slow-release fertilizer. Avoid getting any fertilizer on the leaves.
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    product review

    The hostas ordered recently arrived in excellent condition. Very carefully and effectively wrapped before packaging. All roots intact. Amazing attention to detail. Plants are now in ground, and settling in. Pine Forest is superb: product, shipping, attention to detail.
    Terry Craig

    Sparticus Hosta

    Nice size plant with good root ball. In the ground and standing proud. Thank you for providing a plant that will quickly grow into a full size specimen.