What our customers say

Below are unsolicited statements from our customers. In each case, they have graciously given us permission to share their comments here. We thank them and many others for their compliments and words of encouragement and testimonials.

"I received my order yesterday afternoon and have already planted them. Everything looked great ... Thanks!"
~Teresa (Marietta, Georgia)

"I am happy to report that I received my hosta order. I'm always a bit wary when ordering from a mail order nursery that I'm unfamiliar with ... something about not being able to see the plants! I'm delighted with my order - such nice, healthy plants. Thank you."
~Nicole (Brentwood, Tennessee)

"We are the Atlanta hosta lovers that visited your nursery Saturday. My front garden looks fabulous. My new Fried Bananas, Guacamole, Rising Sun and Gold Standard have added a beautiful splash of gold to a mostly green area. We'll see you next spring to add more beauties." ~Virginia C. (Atlanta, Georgia)

"Your lovely daughter-in-law delivered my order just as arranged. What a joy she is. So friendly and informative! As nice as she is were the plants! They are awesome - the blue crinkles has got to be my favorite (but don't tell the others)! I am in the mist of digging some new beds and will order more when they are complete."
Rebecca V. (Acworth, GA)

"I have received hostas on 17th,October. I am satisfied with the quality of your plants. I will order hostas in spring also,and I want them in early spring (February or March) Please inform me your schedule of shipping on spring."
Mikio Ogihara Nagano-Ken (Japan)

"This year my yard was one of five chosen for a local garden tour. The Governor's mansion is also among the five. Obviously, the plants I ordered were very important to me. I ordered Hostas from ten different on-line nurseries. Of the ten, I was only happy with two, and you are one of the two. Although your prices are quite competitive, it takes a lot more to capture me as a life long customer. Among other things, I was impressed by the size and quality of your plants. Each specimen was absolutely beautiful. Perhaps more importantly, was the obvious care that was taken in packing the plants. Not a single leaf was damaged. I am truly grateful to find such personalized service from an online source. Thank you for treating me as though I were your best customer. I'll send you some pictures after everything is in place."
~Sharon M. (Springfield, IL)

"I received the 3 guacamole hosta yesterday and promptly planted them this morning. Of course they aren't much to look at now because they are dormant but will be ready to sprout in the Spring. Richard, thank you for doing such a nice job packing. Thank You Again and have a Happy Holiday."
~Rob B. (Lincroft NJ)

"I received my hostas yesterday. They are beautiful! The size is wonderful, and they look very healthy! I am so pleased. Thank you so much."
~Sue K.

"Recently I placed an order with Pine Forest Gardens and with another company called the Hxxxx Pxxxx. The hostas I received from your company were much nicer and delivered in much better condition for the same price. I will place all my orders with you from now on. Thank You."
~Cindy S.

"The hostas are beautiful. Such nice large plants, I know they will do well. I too love Wide Brim and have trouble finding them in the St. Louis area. You are a great resource I plan to use again in the spring. Thank you."
~Mary M.

"I've just unpacked my Komodo Dragon, and he is really something. Two big eyes with 16 wavy leaves. This is one that I had to have the minute I saw the name, but many of the hosta places were sold out. What a magnificent plant. I also ordered Lakeside Black Satin and ventricosa Aureomarginata. This all took place over the Memorial Day weekend and my browser timed out so I didn't know if I had placed an order or not. Well, first thing that Tuesday morning, Richard Jolly at Pine Forest Gardens phoned me to say he had my Visa # but no order, and we cleared that up. What a nice place to do business. The LBS has one really big eye with 11 leaves, and the v. Aureomarginata has 4 eyes with more than 25 leaves and looks like a fully established plant even before I put it into a pot! Needless to say, mega roots to match. Oh my, these are BEAUTIFUL! What magnificent plants. Thank you!!!"

"The hosta order arrived safe and sound. The plants are fantastic! My Wife LOVED the other plants so much she wanted more! I understand with orders over $250 shipping is free. Since we are out west I would prefer 2-3 day UPS instead of standard. If you have to add some shipping to cover the difference that would be ok."
~Duane M.

"Thank you for your time, the plants arrived yesterday (Thursday) in excellent condition." 
~Renie W.

"I received my hosta order on Wednesday and planted the same day. Was very pleased with the size, and very healthy plants. They arrived in excellent condition."
~Mike M.