We do not ship any liners or "starter plants" like so many other hosta websites ship. Pine Forest Gardens ships most hosta plants that have been grown in three quart containers for at least one year. However, the majority of plants are several years old and are multi-divisions.  Of course, this can vary from plant to plant depending on newness of material. We do not ship any first year tissue cultured plants straight out of cell packs. Three quart plants are shipped bare root and adapt in the garden quickly. In fact hosta plants hardly know they have been bare rooted and shipped. 

First, we wash all soil off of the roots. Next we wrap roots in damp newspaper and then place a plastic bag over the roots. Hosta plants are then boxed securely with shredded paper packed between plants and shipped. Below are a few photos of what are the most typical sized plants shipped. We will be glad to answer any questions regarding shipping, please just let us know!