Hosta Plants

What is a Hosta?
Hosta plants are shade tolerant, herbaceous perennial plants (meaning they go dormant during the
Winter). Hostas are easily grown and with minimal care can flourish in the shade garden.
The beautiful foliage of hostas are the main feature although hosta plants also host flowers that range
in color from white, lavender, and purple. Many varieties of hosta plants are also fragrant blooming and heat tolerant.
Pine Forest Gardens grows quality hosta plants ranging in size from tiny miniature hostas and dwarf, small, medium, large, extra large and giant hostas.
Colors range from green, blue, chartreuse, yellow, gold and many variegated forms of each color.
At Pine Forest Gardens you can locally buy hosta plants Atlanta or buy hostas from our hosta website. You may buy hosta plants any time of the year but we only ship April through October. Buy Now!